Twist @ Central

  • Hong Kong airport T2
  • 1200ft²
  • 2007

HIDESIGN, a famous leather product shop originated by Pondicherry, India.  The interior design of the shop was inspired by its high quality of leather used and its delicate craftsmanship of using natural brass to its product.  NATURAL LUXURY is the design concept of the shop, therefore, real leather and natural brass is definitely the key decoration material for the shops.  They are both widely applied to all display units.  They combine perfectly matched with a rich brownish red, sandstone, sisal carpet and teak wood floor.  Focusing on the vertical leather strip display wall, which is formulated by numerous of genuine leather as a backdrop highlighting its product beautifully and luxuriously. Besides, a Featured Pattern Ceiling Panel and Island Unit were designed to bring out its sense of natural elegance.